National Orthopaedic Alliance Webinar Discusses Origins and Achievements of GMOA and NENC MSK Alliance

The National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) hosted a webinar on 3 May, 2023, titled “The Origins and Achievements of the GMOA and NENC MSK Alliance.” The lunchtime session which was attended by over 30 professionals representing Trusts and alliances across the country, focused on the Greater Manchester Orthopaedic Alliance (GMOA) and its role in raising standards of MSK health, improving pathways, enhancing training, and reducing variability in outcomes and costs across six trusts.

Mr Cormac Kelly, NOA Webinar Lead, chaired the session. Cormac opened up with an overview of the situation nationally for elective orthopaedic recovery. He touched on Covid19, Payment by results, workforce and more before introducing the speakers.

The session was an engaging event, with Professor David Johnson from Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Chair of GMOA, sharing the origins and progress of the alliance, its role during the pandemic, and its goals for the future. Professor Mike Reed from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Co-Chair of the recently formed North East North Cumbria MSK Alliance (NENC MSK Alliance) also joined in the conversation. The NENC MSK Alliance was formed pre-pandemic and modeled on the GMOA, including trusts from the NENC ICS and MSK services. Both speakers shared progress and achievements of the GMOA and NENC MSK Alliance, and their goals for improving services in their respective areas.

The one hour session was of interest to anyone eager to form alliances in their local area to improve services and provided valuable insights into the achievements and progress made by the GMOA and NENC MSK Alliance, serving as an excellent example for those looking to improve MSK health services in their area.

One webinar attendee said, “Inspiring! Thanks so much for organising, allowing open access and many thanks to the excellent speakers. Lots of exciting stuff being shared, with excellent gains.”

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Missed the session? The recording is available below.