NOA Webinar focuses on Human Factors and Patient Safety in Orthopaedics

Human Factors Training (HFT) has been endorsed by the NHS and embedded in mandatory training in many hospitals throughout the UK. It aims to reduce errors and harm to patients by educating NHS staff on the factors that create unsafe environments . During the recent NOA webinar discussing Never Events and Serious Incidents, a poll of participants showed that 40% had none or little knowledge of Human Factors.

As a result of our webinar earlier this year and feedback from members, our latest webinar focused on Human Factors and Patient Safety. The lunchtime session had attendance from over 50 professionals from across the country and featured guest speakers Fran Ives – Chartered Human Factors Specialist, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, Dr Sophie Shapter – Consultant Anaesthetist & Lead for Human Factors and a Patient Safety Specialist, The Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) and Simon Lewthwaite – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, RJAH.

NOA Webinar Lead and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at RJAH, Cormac Kelly, chaired the session. Cormac kicked off with an overview of the orthopaedic recovery situation nationally and introduced the webinar’s speakers. He then polled attendees and asked, ‘Have you attended a Human Factors training course?’

  • 16% of respondents said ‘More than once in the past five years”
  • 48% said “never”
  •  35% said “once in the past five years”.

The first speaker, Fran, looked at Human Factors on the Ground. She highlighted her experience of the application of Human Factors both within a large NHS Trust and an Academic Health Science Network, including the successes and challenges of setting up and developing a service and what difference such a service can make.

The RJAH team gave a brief overview of human factors and ergonomics, its relevance and role in improving patient safety, how it has been embedded at RJAH and the impact it has had.

The guest speakers answered a range of questions from attendees in a busy question and answer session before Chair, Cormac closed the session. The webinar, which one attendee said hadgood presentations and chairing”  and another that it “broadened my understanding of Human Factors as a wider topic than theatre/patient safety”,  can bviewed here. For the latest on NOA events, check out the NOA events pages.