NOA proud to join the Community Rehabilitation Alliance

The National Orthopaedic Alliance is proud to become a member of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance.

The Community Rehabilitation Alliance, which was set up in 2019, is made up of more than 50 charities and professional bodies who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation.

NOA Programme Director, Ann Hoey said, “The NOA proudly joins the Community Rehabilitation Alliance, uniting efforts for universal access to rehabilitation. For secondary orthopaedic providers such as NOA member organisations, good rehabilitation services  enable seamless patient recovery, optimise outcomes, and promote collaborative, holistic care. We are delighted to now be part of an alliance working toward achieving this and much more.” 

The Community Rehabilitation Alliance Northern Ireland, the Right to Rehab Coalition in Scotland and the Right to Rehab Campaign in Wales all share a similar make up, vision and priorities.

Collectively they are calling for:

  1. political commitment to deliver universal access to rehabilitation to meet needs
  2. Improvements in the quality of rehabilitation services through new models, better data collection, planning, commissioning, and delivery of services

Rehabilitation and recovery enables people to regain life skills, return to work, maintain mobility and manage symptoms.

It can slow disease progression and optimise the effectiveness of treatments. It is also critical to prevention. It can reduce fragility fractures, the risk of falls and the development of long-term conditions.

All of which helps to prevent readmission to acute services, reduces social care needs and helps to prevent disability, with its impact on people’s mental and physical health. 

Click here to read the CRA’s most recent manifesto.

CRA response to NHS workforce plan – July 2023
The NOA is proud to be a named member on  the recently published CRA response to the NHS Workforce Plan for England