NOA delivers successful PROMs workshop for members

The National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) continued its work to change PROMs for the better this week by hosting a PROMs workshop for member organisations. During the course of the day, attendees saw and heard examples of how PROMs data could be utilised for consultant level reports and shared case studies about their organisation’s PROMs journey. Attendees also received an overview of methods to share intelligence which covered increasing transparency, trust reporting and benchmarking. In addition, the workshop was an opportunity to feed back on the NOA quality standard for patient outcomes and experience.

Workshop guest speaker, Samantha Davies – Quality Outcomes Manager, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) said, “The NOA PROMs workshop was a brilliant day networking about PROMs and sharing our journeys. Thank you to the NOA for giving me the opportunity to present our journey and share all the hard work we have been doing at RJAH over the past few years.”

Attendee, Kirti Moholkar, Orthopaedic Consultant, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital said “Many thanks  to the NOA for arranging the PROMS workshop in Birmingham which was most useful and insightful! I’m really glad I attended and look forward to continuing to be involved in the alliance’s work to ensure we are all getting the most from PROMs”

Attendee, Dr Seamus O’Brien – Arthroplasty Outcomes Unit Manager, Belfast Trust said, “The NOA PROMs workshop was a very interesting and informative day – well worth the journey from Belfast. It was good to be involved and I look forward to more workshops around PROMs in the future.”

Steph Wilson, NOA Senior Data Analyst said, “I’m so glad the workshop was well received by members.  Thanks to all attendees for completing our pre-workshop questionnaires – this made all the difference. The responses received gave us an interesting insight into the current variation in PROMs across our membership.  This helped to ensure we covered the correct content on the day. A big thank you also to those that presented and shared their PROMs journeys, and to all attendees who contributed to the discussions.”

This latest PROMs workshop follows work throughout this year to build a National PROMs Network – a space where member organisations can share experience and best practice around getting the most from PROMs.

NOA’s work around PROMs will continue as the alliance supports its members to share experiences and best practice. Members are invited to get involved by emailing the NOA team on