National Orthopaedic Alliance Unveils Strategy for 2024/25

The NOA has launched a strategy and workplan for 2024/25. The strategy aims to align our efforts in supporting collaboration across multidisciplinary teams more closely with national health policy priorities.

The newly launched strategy emphasises the role orthopaedics plays in delivering high quality patient care, recognising and celebrating the contributions of all those working in orthopaedic hospitals and units, and driving efficiency and productivity enhancements within the field.

We have spoken to many of our members over the last couple of months and this strategy seeks to reflect the feedback we have received.  The strategy provides a clearer vision for the NOA and a platform to build on our unique composition of clinical and non-clinical experts in specialist and non-specialist orthopaedic trusts.

With a general election on the horizon, it’s important that we highlight the invaluable role orthopaedics plays in fostering a healthy and productive population, as well as deploying our collective, multidisciplinary expertise to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing orthopaedics todaysaid Alice Fabre, Interim Programme Director, National Orthopaedic Alliance.

Central to the NOA’s agenda are initiatives geared towards addressing pressing challenges within orthopaedic practice, including workforce dynamics, care pathways, research and innovation, as well as performance and productivity enhancements. Through structured networks and collaborative platforms, the NOA aims to facilitate informed discussions and innovative solutions in these areas. We are going to work with our network chairs to agree which materials will best support our members in their efforts to drive excellence in orthopaedics.

“We’re committed to providing opportunities for all members of orthopaedic teams, from the most senior to the most junior, to come together, share best practices, and tackle the most pressing issues of the day,” said Alice.

Key components of the NOA’s work programme include fostering dialogue on workforce dynamics, refining care pathways, fostering a culture of research and innovation, and implementing measures to enhance performance and productivity across orthopaedic units nationwide.

In addition to structured networks and collaborative platforms, the NOA will continue to ensure its webinars, NOA Annual Members’ conference and awards are key milestones in its calendar, fostering knowledge exchange and recognition of excellence within the field.

The NOA extends an invitation to all member trusts to engage with the strategy and workplan, emphasising the importance of collective action in driving meaningful change. Moreover, the NOA would love to hear from individuals interested in taking on leadership roles or contributing to its initiatives.

“The power of the NOA stems from its diverse membership, and we extend our thanks to all members for their contributions so far. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to realise the NOA’s vision in the year ahead,” concluded Alice.

Read more about NOA’s strategy and key focus areas here.