Getting It Right in Orthopaedics – NOA supports follow-up report from GIRFT

The National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) is delighted to see the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT)  follow-up report on orthopaedics published. The report looks back at the substantial achievements and changes seen in orthopaedics since GIRFT’s first deep-dive visits in late-2012.

The first orthopaedics report from GIRFT published in 2015 was a breakthrough report for the orthopaedic specialty, highlighting areas of excellence and areas for improvement. This follow-up document shows evidence of substantial improvements against all the key GIRFT metrics, meaning that the NHS is providing better quality orthopaedic care, more efficiently. Headline findings include:

  • Revision rates have fallen every year since 2012, even while total activity and demand grows
  • Average lengths of stay have been reduced by a fifth, releasing over 368k bed-days
  • £696 million of operational and financial opportunities have been released to trusts

Ann Hoey, NOA Deputy Director said, “The NOA commends GIRFT on the publication of its follow-up orthopaedic report, and for its continued work within the orthopaedics speciality. We look forward to continuing to work with GIRFT to provide support and guidance to NOA members as we all work to improve quality in orthopaedic care nationwide.”   

You can read more and download the follow-up report on the GIRFT website here.