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Wellbeing Workshop: Spotting & Preventing Burnout

Date: 23 June 2021 at 7pm

Venue: Virtual

The second in the NOA Wellbeing workshops’ series, delivered by Work Well Being on behalf of the NOA, brings awareness to the status of burnout as a significant work-related illness, highlights the signs and symptoms and shares strategies to prevent it. NOA members can click the picture below to watch the recording.

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Non NOA members can find out more about the other workshop here:

Members can access the recording by clicking on the image

Dr Barbara Mariposa explained the signs and symptoms of burnout and taught strategies to prevent it.

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The word “burnout”, a bit like the word ‘depression’, it can be used in day to day conversations in a casual way that risks downplaying its seriousness. It’s important to realise that, in 2019, burnout was recognised by the World Health Organisation as a significant and costly work-related illness, costly at a business level but more importantly costly at a personal level, especially as recovery can take time. In times of global and personal crisis the risk of burnout is greater, making it increasingly important that we look out for the work-related risks of this serious condition and prevent it occurring.

Health and Social Care Committee report: Workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS published 8 June 2021

British Orthopaedic Association: Burnout Survey Results published June 2021

  • The session explored what burnout is, some facts and figures, why it’s on the rise and the underlying factors.
  • It explained what happens in the brain and body and how burnout impacts every corner of our health.
  • The session teaches the signs and symptoms to look out for in ourselves and others and shares practical steps to prevent burnout and look after ourselves better.
  • Crucially it also highlights the protective factors for everyone to embed a collective culture of wellbeing.
    You leave the webinar with a greater understanding and awareness of this illness, and empowered with strategies to prevent it.
  • The session is grounded in science and evidence
Dr Barbara Mariposa

Workshop facilitator

Dr Barbara Mariposa is an Associate at Work Well Being. Barbara is a thought leader in the field of wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mental health, mindfulness, leadership, presence and the science that brings all these things together. Trained at the Royal Free Hospital, London, Dr Barbara worked internationally, in psychiatry and public health.

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