NOA webinar: Elective Orthopaedic Recovery – Helping Patients Through Extended Waiting Times.

17 June 2020
This is a past event. The recording can be viewed below. The webinar focuses on the recovery of elective orthopaedic surgery from a patients’ perspective.…

NOA webinar: Overcoming Barriers to Elective Orthopaedic Recovery

1 July 2020
This is a past event. This webinar, delivered in collaboration with the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) on 1 July, focuses  on how orthopaedic providers are…

NOA Quarterly Meeting - July 2020 (virtual meeting)

8 July 2020
This is a past event. Recordings of the sessions are available in the website members’ area The next NOA quarterly meeting will take place on…

NOA COVID-19 webinar: Innovation and communication

22 July 2020
This webinar is a past event. You can view the recording below. The session will highlight innovation and communication changes undertaken during the pandemic, and…

NOA Quarterly Meeting - 5 October 2020

5 October 2020
Virtual event
The quarter two 2020/21 NOA quarterly meeting  will take place virtually on Monday 5 October 2020 as a series of webinars throughout the day. The…

Day Case Total Hip Replacement Conference

4 November 2020
Virtual event
The NOA is proud to be an exhibitor at this upcoming event. Free places are now available for NOA members to attend the Day Case…

Oxford Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review Course

5-9 January 2021
The OCORC is an intense and comprehensive review of Orthopaedics designed specifically to help students prepare for their final FRCS exams. The course will be…

ARMA Multi-Disciplinary MSK Health Conference

30 November 2020
This one-day conference is a multi-disciplinary event covering some of the latest trends and practical examples on working together/integrated care for musculoskeletal health, transcending disciplines…