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Award Categories 2024

Explore this year’s awards categories and find out how to enter the NOA Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards 2024

Workforce Initiatives

This award recognises organisations that ensure their workforce is fit for the future, including recruitment and retention initiatives that excel in engaging, developing, and sustaining their workforce by fostering an inclusive and supportive environment conducive to employee growth.

Judges will be looking for organisations who are exhibiting some or all of the below: 

  • Evidence of initiatives that engage and motivate staff, nurture their talents and enhance their potential promoting a Just and Learning culture with equal opportunities for all.
  • Provision of resources and support to enhance staff wellbeing, encompassing physical, emotional, and financial aspects.
  • Offering diverse access routes into employment opportunities, including the use of funding incentives
  • Demonstration of inclusive recruitment strategies and practices including open and accessible communications
  • Metrics in place to measure and monitor continuous commitment to inclusion and diversity improvements for the workforce

Supporting Patients on their pathway

This award recognises the outstanding work of an organisation going above and beyond to support patients receiving orthopaedic care.

Judges will be looking for organisations who are exhibiting some or all of the below: 

  • Supporting waiting list patients in the best way possible while they are in their own homes to reduce negative outcomes
  • Showing exceptional impact on the experience of patients receiving elective orthopaedic surgery
  • Communicating effectively with patients to build trust, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes
  • Developing approaches with patients to ensure that they are supported in the best way possible
  • Commitment to increasing patient empowerment and enabling people to be equal partners in their own care.
  • Provision of care outside hospital to avoid unnecessary admissions and improve discharge, with better joining up of care outside hospital
  • Demonstrating the implementation of an inclusion and diversity strategy that addresses inequalities and advances equity in access, health outcomes and orthopaedic service experience for patients

Innovation in Orthopaedics

This award will be given to an organisation that demonstrates a clear, significant, and successful innovation that has improved patient outcomes, reduced recovery times, and enhanced the overall quality of life for those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

This may be health policies, practices, systems, products and technologies, services, and delivery methods.

Judges will be looking for organisations who are exhibiting some or all of the below: 

  • Creating opportunities to streamline processes to improve patient care
  • Addressing a challenge in orthopaedics that could see service advances as a result
  • Using innovation to support the delivery of patient pathways and enhance outcomes for patients
  • Helping to shape the future of orthopaedic services and systems

Working Towards Net Zero - Greener NHS

This award celebrates organisations, notably having an impact on orthopaedics, as they progress towards achieving the NHS target of net zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Judges will be looking for organisations who are exhibiting some or all of the below:  

  • Taking a strategic approach to accelerating the broader net-zero and sustainability agenda
  • Deploying new energy saving technologies and systems
  • Engaging colleagues, patients, communities, and other key stakeholders to improve sustainability on the road to net zero carbon emissions by 2045
  • Showing a commitment to making a corporate impact and enhancing the contribution net zero initiatives make to orthopaedics and the wider NHS
  • Working effectively with procurement and supply chain

Partnerships and Integration Initiative

This award is for a partnership and integration initiative driving transformation and improving orthopaedic services. Entries must show evidence of collaborating with multiple stakeholders for example, other Trusts, ICS’s, healthcare organisations, or private sector entities, to address challenges in orthopaedics and improve service delivery.

Judges will be looking for organisations who are exhibiting some or all of the below: 

  • Showing ambition to address challenges in orthopaedics through partnerships/integration
  • Demonstrating how you have collaborated with one or more partners (within or outside the NHS) to achieve a significant success in improving the delivery of orthopaedic services
  • Spreading best practice with the project being shared and/or replicated elsewhere
  • Involving relevant staff, patients and partners and securing their buy-in to realise the success

NOA Director's Award

This is not a category open for entries – the individual will be selected in recognition of demonstrating NOA values of support and collaboration. The winner of The Director’s Award will be announced at the awards ceremony on 17 October.

Could it be you?

Previous recipients:

Entry Rules

Download the Entry Pack for full details and key information.
  1. Entries must relate to work carried out within the last 12 months – judging will be focused on this timeframe.
  2. Entries must include a significant impact on, or involvement with, orthopaedic services
  3. Submitting organisations must be a member organisation of the NOA
  4. Non-NOA member Trusts or other organisations can be included in submissions as part of any partnership related projects with an NOA member
  5. An entry can be submitted into more than one category if it is relevant
  6. Please ensure you adhere to internal permission and sign off processes and ensure the team/project being entered is involved in the entry.
  7. It’s important you have completed any relevant internal sign off processes at your organisation before submitting.
  8. The written entry, of no more than 1,000 words, will be used by the Judges to determine the finalists. The finalists will then be asked to produce a recorded presentation (full details in the Entry Pack) for the Judges to choose their category winners.
  9. Finalists must ensure that at least one person is available to present their entry at the NOA Annual Members Conference during the day of 17 October in Birmingham
  10. Finalists must ensure that at least one person attends the NOA Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards ceremony on the evening of 17 October in Birmingham